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Love breakfastSaying goodbye to the person you love the most is probably the hardest thing one can ever do.

It feels like I just waved goodbye to a part of myself, the other half of my heart.  Nothing really can describe the way I feel right now. The best way, though, is to say I have been ripped apart, in the most beautiful, painful, and bittersweet way possible.

When we kissed  goodbye we shared some tears and even laughter. It was one of the most beautiful moments one can ever experience.

In just a few fleeting moments, there was nothing between us that separated us. It were moments of total joy, love and happiness. Truly connected.

But then, when you turn around one more time to look back, as you see her walking away, the absence of that connection is felt more than ever before.

Love is the most powerful force

true loveOn the other hand, as I feel my heart being torn apart, I can feel something very small starting to grow inside of me, something warm and something light. I feel like I have written this before, and that I will probably write many of times more.

But I feel that love, pure love, coming from the heart, is the most powerful force in this entire world. It has the ability to truly connect people.

It has the ability to bring two individuals from across the world together and bind them. Bind them with strings stronger than anything that can be found in the physical world. The strings of love.couple travelling together

Love has the ability to transform people, it can take two separate beings and merge them into one, beautiful, perfect whole, completely in harmony with each other.

Two souls that slowly start to transform into one, two hearts that start beating to the same rhythm. Two bodies that lack all feeling of separation from each other.

When this happens, and two hearts, truly start to work as one, life really will start to blossom. Because two hearts are infinitely more capable of emitting love and energy together than only one heart can do on its own.

Love has no boundaries

swans loveSoon, when love flows freely and without limits between the two hearts, it will start overflowing. Love will start to move into not only the lives of the two connected beings, but into the lives of everyone around them. It will work like a light and a magnet to their environment.

This pure flow of love has no boundaries, I feel that now. As I sit here in the airplane, moving away further from my other half with every passing second, I am still able to feel her heartbeat. Still I feel the pulsating of her soul and radiation of love that she is emitting.

Through the pain and the suffering, I can feel our connection breaking through. Like a cord of hot, gentle and soft fire, like a flow of energy so strong it can bridge the gap of time and space. It reaches through space and connects us together.couple relationship

Some might say that this is utter nonsense, at first sight. However, when you feel a little deeper, and especially of the person you truly love the most, you will feel that these words are right. There is nothing stronger than the bond shared between two loved ones.

The world needs love

Love not only binds people together, it is the most powerful compass there is. Through your heart, love is able to communicate to you and lead you to the actions and places that will bring you the most joy, pleasure, prosperity, and happiness.

the world needs loveWhen you follow this love, not only will it lead you to a better, more bright life, it will also take the world around you with it. Because as you follow your heart, you start vibrating on the same level as the love in your heart. And this is Love is radiated into the world.

The world needs this love, it longs to be filled with this powerful, warm, radiating source of light. It is only natural to share this gift.

As I just said, love answers to love, like attracts like.

I encourage you, love with all your heart. And I promise you, love will answer and more light will come into your life. Allow it to completely fill you up, so that when you are completely full, you can pour it out into the world around you.

So remember, when loves call knocks on your heart, listen. Listen to this little voice and follow where it leads you. You might be surprised by the good things that follow.

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