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What to do when you have no writing inspiration, and all you feel is resistance towards sitting down and putting words on the paper? You probably also know it very well, that immense power of resistance you feel when you only start thinking about writing something down. No creative inspiration seems to be present, especially in regards to writing. Trust me, I know the feeling, it is literally the reason I am writing this post right now.

writing machine inspiration

The burning question now is, of course, the very title of this article. Before I get into any practical and helpful tips to help you regain that writing inspiration, there is one big advice I would like to give you when you feel stuck.

This tip is so easy, that it actually is the hardest one of them all to implement. Do you already know what this big, elusive tip is?

Exactly, you guessed it: just start writing!! About what? It does not matter, because you have to start somewhere, to get the ball rolling. Once you get into the Flow, it will start happening on its own again.

Inspiration will return to you, and you will be back to writing your usual masterpieces in no time! But until that creative writing inspiration returns you just got to stay persistent and write about anything that comes up in your mind.

Why it is so hard sometimes to get inspiration for writing?

I have had the same “Writer’s Block” for the past couple of weeks now. Every time I had some stroke of inspiration for writing something, an excuse would pop up. And they were good, valid ones as well. Nevertheless, they also remained just that, excuses.writing on the nature

This is the biggest trap of resistance: all the excuses why you can’t write seem valid to you. However, at some point, you just have to recognize that you are simply coming up with ways to not be writing that next big story down. All that you are doing, really, is making it harder and harder on yourself to start again.

There is really no telling as to when creative inspiration will hit, because words will always be coming, you just have to listen very carefully. Whenever you feel that tingling in your fingers, the rumbling of an upcoming storm in the distance, drop everything you are doing and run to your computer or notebook, or whatever you use, and start writing! It is the rumbling of a storm of words that you are feeling. You should be ready at all times!

When you acknowledge this part of yourself, and embrace it, you are taking a big step in the right direction. Because you will feel a lot more true to yourself your own passions. That, in my opinion, is one of the most important things you can do.

Acknowledge the real writer in you and inspiration will follow
writing inspired

To live a life that is open, genuine, and honest. That you do things that fulfill you and bring joy into your life. By doing that, I believe you will get closer to yourself each time. You get to know yourself better as well by doing those things.

If this all seems a little vague or hard for you right now, no worries! To come to this realization is generally not an easy one. All you need to get from this last paragraph is, if you start to acknowledge the real writer in you, creative inspiration will return. To make regaining that spark of inspiration a little easier obtain and implement, I have written down some practical tips for you!

How to get writing inspiration? 5 working tips

Some of the things I list below might seems like they have nothing to do with writing or inspiration. Trust me on this, however, because they do really help!

  1. Choose the right topic for yourself

writing inspirationLet’s get this one out of the way quickly, as this is probably the most obvious one on the list. Don’t try to make it hard on yourself when writing something!

Try to find a topic that you really feel comfortable by. This will not only make it easier for writing inspiration to appear, it will save you a lot of time on researching as well! Start writing about something that you know about, and inspiration will surely follow!

  1. Use fun tools

writing toolsMake the process of writing as fun as possible! It will be a massive invitation for creative inspiration to come into your brain. In order to do that you can use different tools on the internet that can help you organize the process of your writing a bit.

I, for example, use this little tool called Asana, which is free. It is originally a project management tool meant for businesses, but I find it a very fun and clear app to use.

By using a tool like Asana, you can also chop up your big writing project into smaller tasks, this will help make it more manageable for you. It will also give you a sense of fulfillment when you complete these little tasks.

  1. Make a routine out of it

writing routine

This may sound a little tedious. Maybe even restricting in some way, but, I kid you not, it is quite the opposite. I once read this book called “The Art of War” by Stephen Pressfield. One of the main things I took away from that is to always have a stable routine.

The funny thing that I found, is that when I have a set time on which I start writing, inspiration will come to me exactly when I sit down behind my keyboard to start typing.

Surprisingly, having a set routine and time period really makes it easy for creative inspiration to come to you. It is as if you are helping your inspiration finding the best time to come to you, so that it can be utilized to its fullest potential. In this scenario, everybody is happy!

  1. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable

overcome resistance to writingThis may seem a little off topic, but bear with me, it will help you get that tingling spark of inspiration right back at your fingertips!

Another thing that will bring you closer to yourself, and will make you feel more alive, is doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable. Doing the risky stuff. Because in the situations where you feel the most fear and resistance are the situations where there is most to be learned and experienced.

Doing things you are uncomfortable with will actually help you to grow as a person. Overcoming these fears will also help you to start writing again, and for that inspiration to return.

  1. Drop the importance

writing importance

What do I mean with that? Well, it is quite simple, in fact it is literally what I say. Drop the importance and everything will become much easier to you. Not only in terms of writing inspiration, but also for your life in general.

The more importance you give to a single task, the harder it will become for you to accomplish it. This is a general rule of life that you can almost see everywhere around you.

If you really have to write this one article, but have absolutely no inspiration, drop the importance of the task, no matter what the urgency! For yourself, write down the worst thing that could happen if you do not complete this task. Be realistic about it. Once you have done that, start looking at this situation from all possible angles. Try to find solutions if this were to happen.

Very quickly, you will find out that you will not die, and the world will not end if you happen to fail the task. Strangely enough, knowing this drops the importance of the task to almost zero.

Even more strange, now that the task seems less daunting, all of a sudden your creative writing inspiration returns. You can type that article way faster and much better than you would have done before. If you would like to learn more about dropping the importance, check out this article: Why your life will be changed forever after you learn to let go.

The key to unlock your writing inspiration

I hope these tips were helpful to you and are a good way to get back to writing whatever you want to write. If you seriously implement all these individual tips into your life and your writing habits, I can promise you that endlessly searching for creative writing inspiration will be a thing of the past.writing inspiration

There is only two pieces of advice I want to give to you before I end this article. The first being, do the things you fear the most and feel the most resistance towards, you will feel better in the end. It doesn’t even have to do with writing inspiration, but just for anything in life.

The second piece of advice: ENJOY! Try to have fun as much as you can in any given situation. Enjoy the process you are in right now, and you will instantly feel better. I wish you all a lot of creative inspiration with your future writings!