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Why would you spend all your life long trying to live in another moment than the current moment. Life happens now! There is no time to worry about anything else than what happens in the current moment. No need to rush things or always trying to move to somewhere else then here. It is just not worth it.

Why are we always in hurry?

always in hurryI realized today that I am worrying way too much about stuff that is relatively far away in the future. All my effort and energy is going to arranging this one situation that will be relevant only in about a month’s time.

When I write it down, it all sounds so crazy to me. Because in reality there is no hurry at all, no form of pressure. The one month is not a real deadline that needs to be met, there is no deadline at all. The only rush and hurry that I feel is from outside sources and made up reasons.

There is no need to rush anything. The only thing that I will accomplish when rushing, is that the end result will come faster, maybe. But it will definitely not be worth all the stress that I caused for myself.

How to stop rushing?

stop rushingIt is only needed to stop thinking so much, and giving such importance to such a minute problem or situation. When you rush to do something, the result will never be as good as when you take more time for it.

Of course, you can always work fast, but never rush. What I also realized today in relationship to this rush, is that it will never end.

When, let’s say, I accomplish what I wanted, with the help of all this rush and worry, and I finally have time to settle down and breathe for a bit. The only thing that will happen is that after one month, seemingly out of nothing, a completely new object for rush and worry will magically appear to haunt me.

My mind will start thinking about all the possible thing that could go wrong and all the bad things that might happen to me if I don’t worry about this new observing

If I don’t relax right now, and give in to this rush and worry, I will always fall back into this destructive cycle. And every time, this negative cycle will repeat itself a little worse than the last time. And a little faster than the one before.

So that, eventually, I will be living my whole life in a state of stress and hurry, not being able to relax anymore. Always worrying about one thing or another.

Present moment is the key

relaxWhat is needed right now, is to completely disconnect from all the possible outcomes and results of my worries and rush, both negative and positive. I need time to release all this built up tension, and return to the present moment.

Time that can only be found now, and nowhere else. The only benefit I will get from rushing and worrying is that my mind will be satisfied, for the time being. And that really isn’t any benefit. It will only be good when also the heart is satisfied, and trust me, it will not be, with all this unnecessary stress that is being put on it.

So, to cap all this off, I will take a deep breathe. I will breathe out all the mental shit that has been building up over the past few weeks. It is time to say goodbye to all the possible outcomes of my worries. And welcome the peace and serenity of this beautiful moment.present moment

The Present Moment, in which I can sit back, breathe freely, and completely relax.

And now that I slowly feel the rest and light of the Now wash over me, I can also start to, gradually, feel the warmth of my heart spreading through me. Allowing all these positive feelings to anchor me to the here and now.

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