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What is my plan with basketball, what is so special?Ralph ClassCertificates

Basketball has been my passion from the moment that I started playing when I was 11 years old. I love to compete with guys who were better than me, and in the end being able to beat them and prove that I was better. Since I was a little kid I have the drive to prove myself, that I was a better player than all the others. I started to watch the NBA when I was 14 years old and I saw the best basketball players in the world compete with each other. A dream was born. I wanted to be out there on the court and compete with the best players of the world. I set my goals and developed my vision, I started to work towards it, every season climbing a step on the ladder. Last year I made the jump to go play High School basketball in America, it was a year full of learning, growing and testing. Testing if basketball really was and is my passion. I realized it is. Playing basketball is my true passion. I want to live my dream and make it to the pros, and the next step on the ladder is going to college, playing college basketball. In order for that to happen I need to go back to Greenville next year and finish High School. From there I pictured my road as follows:

  • Finish High School, and tirelessly work on basketball
  • Earn a full scholarship to a good college
  • Play college basketball
  • Move up in the college ball ranks
  • Finish my college with a good degree
  • After college make the jump to the pros
  • Hopefully to the NBA, otherwise a top team in Europe


As we all discover one day in our lives: Life never goes as we initially planned it to go! I found that out as well. I did not get a good enough scholarship from a college in America, so I decided to move back to the Netherlands. There I started playing at a lower, recreational level, but I also discovered that I liked coaching as well!

Now I also (re)discovered a whole other passion of mine: Self development through various forms of meditation and spirituality. At the moment I am really into all that kind of stuff, I am reading about the human psychology, Eastern medicine and healing arts like Reiki and Shiatsu. I also discovered the amazing power and impact of Osho Active Meditations. I feel like this will be the next step on my journey: to learn more and more about all those things so that I will be able to teach others the beauty of it all as well.

As I already said, life does not always go the way you want it. Is this a bad thing? Only you know the answer to that!! For me, it most certainly was not! I love my life as it is right now and where it is going. If my life hadn’t changed the way it did I would have never met these truly amazing and like-minded friends that you see on this picture. I would have never gotten the opportunity to meet some more awesome people and experience two life-changing events. I am so thankful for the way my path turned out to go, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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