rock in the storm

A rock in the Storm

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A terrible outcry of horror pierced the night. A shriek that sang of a loneliness so vast even the bravest of men would get lost in it. Slowly but surely the piercing sound started to turn into wailing, that wailing turned into crying. The crying of a small infant, too weak to be able to survive on its own, deprived of the love of its parents. But in its weakness lay enormous power, it was as if Nature itself listened to even the smallest wishes of the child.

The darkness made way for an even more terrifying scene. The baby was laying restlessly in the middle of a big, black rock. Waves crashed and raged around the minuscule island, trying to tear it apart. The skies above the child perfectly reflected its inner mood. Dark, foul air was twirling around the rock.

Clouds as black as coal, winds with the power to move mountains, thunderstorms to crush the biggest of cities. In the middle of all this, the baby laid ever more restlessly. A silent observer watching the scene would be able to feel the rising tension in the already heavy air. Anger, Rage, Fury, Hate, Sadness, Frustration, Loneliness where stirring the atmospheres even faster.

And all of a sudden it stopped.

Within the blink of an eye, all the madness disappeared. Nothing was left, no color, no sent, no sound, nothing. Only the cold remained. And the distant crying of a dying child.

“Good,” a whisper, ominous, silent, chilling.

“The greatest source of power, nothing can match the emptiness you feel inside,” the whisper continued slowly. The crying of the child appeared to get closer.

“Let it fuel you,” the emptiness seemed to increase even more.

“Let it make you strong.”

The emptiness reached a point of suffocation. The baby’s cries were now filling the air with its chilling tones.

And then the scene changed with such a speed and explosion of raw power, that the emptiness now seemed completely forgotten, nothing left of the cries of a lonely child. The sound of a women sounded.

“There is another way,” Light seemed to be slowly dawning upon the scene, blinding at first, but also filled with warmth.

No words were uttered, but a melody pure as the light of a rising sun began to play. A song of hope, a song of love.

“The darkness is so small and limited compared to the light, and yet people are naturally drawn to it.”

A silence followed. But instead of the awkward stillness, the silence felt complete, full of energy and vibrations. The most wonderful thing in the world.

Then it was all gone.

The rock appeared back. Within an instant the storm raged again, all memories of the light and silence forced to fade away. In the middle of the raging sea and the howling winds, in the eye of the storm, the baby laid once more. Crying, imposing its dark will upon everything surrounding him.

But suddenly a small inch of light broke through the clouds in the eye, a sparkle of beautiful melody penetrated the howling winds and the strikes of lightning. The inch of light grew. Moment by moment. Inch by inch, until it had reached the small child. And as the light touched the child, the storm began to quiet down, the waters starting to calm. And as peace returned to the scene, the child began to rise in the air, rising higher and higher. Towards the source of the light.

As the baby was halfway in between the clouds and the rock, the ominous whisper sounded.

“Not. So. Fast.”

In an instant a bolt of dark, purple lightning shot straight at the child, launching it straight through the air. A shriek so loud followed, mountains shuddered, seas drew back, and the winds stopped howling all together.

A deafening silence drew over the scene, the baby nowhere to be seen.

But just as fast as it had come, the silence was broken by an explosion of pure energy. A clash of light and dark followed. The two most Ancient forces hurled at each other with all their might, both trying to best the other to gain somewhat of an advantage over the other. Nothing helped.

The skies lit up, mountains crumbled, the earth itself shattered. Nothing remained whole.

For centuries the two Ancient Forces battled, never tiring, never letting down. Until at some point, there was nothing left to fight for, no reason to continue. Everything had faded. The Darkness knew, it sensed that it had lost everything it wanted, the child gone, the world to rule dead.

“You win this battle,” the whisper sounded, stopping the fight just as sudden as it had started. “But mark my words: One day, on the exact passing of two era’s, another child will be born, a child with the ability to impose its will onto the world. A child with abilities far greater than any of its kind that will ever live. This child will have the power to bring back the Darkness, this child will have the power to rule the realms.”

“That is not all,” the soothing female voice answered. “This child will also hold the power to channel the Light, and create peace for all of eternity. The balance of all realms rests in the hands of this child. This child will either be the Bringer of Light, or the Enforcer of Darkness.”

With a start , the eyes of the old man shot open. Heavily panting, he pulled himself out of bed and onto his knees on the floor. From under the bed he pulled two black, obsidian, tablets. He knew what had to be done…

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