Love (pt.2)

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Love, the most powerful force in this world. It has the power to move people, it has the power to break people in the smallest pieces imaginable. But most of all, it has the power to build people up. Love is the single greatest form of medicine there is on this planet. In love, everything grows.

As I sit here, thinking and reminiscing about the past, I can feel the permanent mark love has left on my heart. Of all the things that have happened to me, to be loved has left the biggest impression of all. Everything else pales in comparison. It is the greatest gift you van ever give someone in the end, your unending, unconditional love, no matter what your background, religion, whatever might be. To love and to be loved are man’s greatest needs and desires.

It also is what this world needs the most right now, with all the changes to daily life in the last century. Life has changed so much, has gotten so much faster, and not only that, also harsher and brighter. From a standpoint of technology and efficiency we live in a time that is unmatched. But one of the prices we pay for this is the disappearing of love out of most people’s lives. And a loss of contact with ourselves.

This may sound really harsh and negative, but it doesn’t have to be. Because this time also harbors a lot of potential. A potential to grow, not in a sense of technology or science I mean, but in the way of our human consciousness. Together we have to potential to elevate our consciousness to never before seen heights. The only thing that is needed is a little bit more attention and mindfulness. Being in the moment, this then creates space. Space in which love can creep in and start filling up our lives. It will be a never ending flow of this love, because when an individual is full and satisfied with love, he will start pouring love out into the world.

Maybe you can see the potential now. If you look very closely, you will understand. When more and more people start creating space within themselves for love to flow in, eventually there will be an exponential growth of love being poured out into the world. The way I see it, change is inevitable, we as humans will start to share more love with the rest of the world than ever before.


The way I see it, love always conquers.

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