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You guys will never guess what I got in the mail today!… Okay, done guessing? It was a handwritten letter! From Ireland as well! A friend of mine actually sent me a handwritten letter, which I personally think is really cool. I can’t really explain why, but I just think it is so authentic.

Well… That really was a lie, I do know how to explain it. To me sending a handwritten letter is so cool and authentic because really you are saying that someone is worth putting a little time, effort and money in. Also it is really old school, sending letters. By reading the others’ handwriting you also get a little taste of what the person is like, personality wise. And on top of that is that much more personal than just a typed out letter.

To me, this is also what is being missed a lot in our society today, a little genuine contact. Also the fun and excitement of sending a letter has completely disappeared. Simply because it is so easy to send a friend (that lives all across the globe) a short message, it just takes 5 seconds max, maybe 10 if it is a longer message.

The point I am trying to make is this: in the messaging of the world we live in today to me is getting a little too impersonal for me. Of course, I see the beauty of being able to get into contact with a faraway friend that you usually wouldn’t talk to that much. To me, though, being genuine and honest is really important, and like I said, it almost can’t get more genuine than writing a letter.

And that really is what the world needs right now, right? Some sincerity, genuinity (I think I just made a new word up) and honesty. Once people start to act more true to themselves, I believe a whole new spiritual revolution will be started. And don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about all that floaty New-Age stuff. I am talking about a real shift in consciousness and spirit, in mentality that will happen. A shift in the way that people feel they need to carry themselves. That the mentality of “I need to fit in with the rest” will shift into “I am just gonna live life from a personal place of genuineness and honesty, regardless of what others think”.

Now, I already hear you guys talking about that also means that I can just go about stealing shit and kill people “just because I feel like it”. Well, no. That is not at all what I mean, those urges to be destructive come from a very dark place in your soul. But stealing, killing and just being destructive are not the only ways to release those bottled up negative emotions, feelings, whatever. All that stuff can be released in a bunch of different ways, like doing sports, expressing yourself through art (writing, painting, etc.), or through Dynamic Meditation.

If we all start doing that, on our own pace of course, the world will soon be such a beautiful place!

Okay, enough ranting for today! Let’s just close off like we started.

You will never guess (or now you might actually do) what I am about to do!

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