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Sometimes, a real long break is needed to realize for yourself what the most important things are in your life. Sometimes, an in-between period is needed to rediscover your own passions, to discover what it is that you love deep down inside. And always is it important to have periods of rest in your life, so that you can reset, clear your mind of all the junk.

Why am I writing this, I hear you guys asking already. Well, I guess that this is what I am dealing with in my life right now. I am just finding out how important it is to take a couple of days off, not just for your body, but also for your mind and soul as well. Also the last couple of weeks/month and a half a realization has started to dawn on me, an old passion of mine has been coming back to me. Over the last month and a half I have started to fall in love more and more each week. With what, you ask? With the game of basketball!

For a long time (read, almost all of last year/season) I did not really enjoy playing basketball. It became more about performing and putting up good numbers than about the game itself. I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform really well, and got really frustrated when I didn’t. Guess what, I did not play very well (actually pretty bad) last season. LOL, I think I needed that lesson!

Only now when I look back at it do I see that last season really was a big lesson for me on that part. I understand now that one, I perform like shit when I put too much pressure on myself… “Duh, shocker. We could’ve told you that, Ralph!” Yeah, I know, some people actually did tell me, but I thought I knew better… But now I see they were right (thanks, by the way, for trying to help me lol). Oh yeah! I almost forgot my second point, it actually really ties in well with the first. It is that I also found out that I perform really well when I am just enjoying the game of basketball, and play in a relaxed way.

In all honesty, those two things really shouldn’t be that hard to understand, because if not for the fun of it, why else would you do a sport, or anything in life really? (Yes I know there are people making a living out of sports, but they started out playing for fun too, right?) But hey, I needed this last year for me to realize those things, and I’m happy I did! I am able to really enjoy basketball right now, I also found a drive deep within myself to get better and compete at a high level again. And this time, it feels right, this drive comes from somewhere entirely different than my head, it comes from my heart, it comes from a place of love for the game.

And probably, that is the most important lesson that I have learned from all this, do something not because your mind says you need to do it, do it because something inside you tells you that this is what you need to do. Act from a place of love, a place of passion. And if that means you do things that on the surface make you feel uncomfortable, do them anyways! You will feel so much better afterwards! Once you start doing things more and more because you love them and enjoy them, soon you will be living a life of authenticity, from the heart. You will start to live life for you, instead of somebody else.


Thank you for reading!

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