You do you

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You do you. Those are three words that just want to come out of my head and onto the paper right now. I have no clue why that is to be honest with you. I just feel like I need to say this. I have the feeling that I need to tell myself and anybody that listens that it is important to do what you like. Not what anybody else says. It is important to remind yourself in times of insecurity.

And yes, I know all too well that you will have those days you are doing stuff that you absolutely love, but you are just not feeling it. You are just not feeling the drive and motivation to keep going. It is at those moments you will have to remind yourself it is okay to feel this way. It is okay to feel down at points in your life. But that is not a reason to quite, just because you are feeling unsatisfied for a couple of days doesn’t mean you have to quit and look for the next best thing.

When things don’t go immediately your way, just know that life works like that. Patience is probably the most important word in this story. Look at a butterfly, for example, a butterfly doesn’t start off looking all nice and cute and beautiful. It starts like a (most of the times) ugly and helpless little caterpillar, after that it will move into an even more hideous cocoon. And it is only after a whole bunch of unseen change has happened in your life, behind the scenes, that cocoon will burst and a beautiful butterfly emerges into view.

Change doesn’t happen because you will it to happen, real change that is. Lasting change. Change will only happen if you create the right circumstances, and leave space to grow. Because change is something that happens without being seen. It happens as an unconscious process within yourself. Real change does not happen on the physical plane.

When I say this, I don’t mean that change won’t show itself on the physical plane, it will not happen there. Real change starts deep within the body, inside of the soul, the psyche. Inside that cocoon. And people don’t see that. Shit, a lot of times you will not even feel it yourself either. And that is the whole beauty of it. There will come a point in your life, after you have created the space and let life do the rest, that you will look back and say: “Wow, not in a million years would I have thought this possible when I was younger…”

Life is awesome, just let it do its work. Relax, breathe, let go. It will be alright, one way or another.

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