Love (pt. 1)

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What does love mean, and what does it mean to love? In the world we live in today I see less and less of real love and more and more of the fake “love”. The kind that has conditions and all kinds of flaws and pain that accompanies it. It just hurts me to know that people all over the world have never had the feeling of this purest form of love.

In the world we live in today, wars are fought over religions, over who has the Best God… This in itself is such a horrible thing, because supposedly (according to people from all those different religions) the core of their religion is to love and care for one another. But then at the same time there is a need to prove that “our God is the best, the greatest, and the one true God”. I definitely don’t have a good feeling about this.

Why? You ask me. Well, let me explain. True love, pure love is unconditional, without judgement. The statement “our God is the one true, and the only God” is fundamentally untrue then. Because true love does not judge nor condemn others. This is what hurts me so much, when people go out and say “I just want to spread the love of God…” but they then go on to judge certain people. I love it that you want to spread love, but be real about it. Sex is also love, and, oh my, is that frowned upon.

As I am sitting here typing, I actually feel a little pissed off at the world… This also kind of saddens me, because it is just not helpful. I realize now that I won’t be helping anyone by being pissed off and frustrated. Only love is the answer to all the problems we have in the world, not religion. Love includes anybody, at any time, at any place. To love someone means to fully accept what he or she is, wants, and needs. And it all starts with yourself.

I feel right now, the need to be loved, but again, as I am typing this I am reminded of the friend I talked about in my last blog. He told me it all starts with unconditionally loving yourself. Be kind for yourself, and accept all that is going on in yourself. Don’t go pretend everything is all fine, when instead you feel all kinds of shit inside. Acknowledge that shit, it didn’t get there on its own. Watch all that is going on inside of you and accept it, only then will you get over it.

When you are able to fully love yourself, at a certain point your being will start to overflow with love. And soon you will feel the need to share this amazing gift with others, just by letting your love flow over into them. This all sounds so easy and simple to do, and in all reality it is! But that is what makes it so hard to do at the same time! Because it means we will have to let go of all the baggage we are carrying around. It means we have to be totally honest towards ourselves, and yes, the truth can hurt. But that is fine. It will be uncomfortable at first to suddenly feel all the shit coming up, but that is also just fine. Accept it as it is, and let go. Let go, relax, breathe. It will be alright, and after you are done with dealing with all the messed up shit, real love will start to flow. It will feel like your body opens up. And you will feel at peace. You will feel love.

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