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You have probably heard that humans are mainly driven by fear. In the early days of our existence, it was a very powerful, and necessary, tool to keep us alive. Fear is incredibly powerful, it forces us to go into that primal “fight-or-flight” state.fear

Fear is also very destructive. Yes, it has the power to make even the slowest of people act, or cower in their homes.

However, it will very quickly burn you out completely. Your body will not be able to handle the immense stress that fear brings with it.

Even though, in our society today, there are almost no “real” sources of fear, almost every person in the Western world is driven by this power.

Why? Because of the way our society works, if we do not fear, we will not consume the products they make. Or so they think.

Nothing wrong with that, it is just the way it is. You don’t have to participate in it, however. If you want to live a happy and peaceful life, you have to overcome your fears.

The most powerful instrument to overcome fear

overcome fear“Don’t be afraid, I am with you. Everything will be alright.” Those are probably the most reassuring words you could have ever heard as a kid when your mom or dad said this whenever you got paralyzed by some enormous attack of fear.

By saying this your parents not only helped you overcome your fear. They, knowingly or unknowingly, showed you that love is the answer.

Love is always the answer if you want to overcome fear. You don’t have to look far for it, even though it will often feel like that. Because, you see, when we think of love, there is no place for fear in that image.

Real, true, unconditional love leaves no space for fear, because it will fill you up completely. Whenever you feel struck by fear, look for every opportunity to love yourself, and others. It will help you overcome that feeling of fear inside of you.

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Showing courage in the face of fear

courage to overcome fearOf course, it is very natural, that when you are crippled by fear, the feeling of love is far to be found. In those cases that you cannot seem to find the love in your life, stand up and be courageous.

Look your fears straight in the eyes and tell them “Bring it on!” Charge at them with everything you have. No need to hold anything back, the fear already influences everything, anyways. What you will experience next might shock you.

Truly acknowledge your fears, no need to lie about it to yourself, and still charge at them, full speed ahead. You will probably find out that a world of bliss and love is waiting for you at the other side.

That is how it works, when you move past your old fears. You will see, after you have left them, that they were not so serious after all. You will feel inside of yourself that you have grown.

Now that you are no longer bound by those fears, limitless potential will open itself for you.

So, when love seems nowhere to be found, stand up for yourself and face your fears. Show courage in the face of your own fears. Acknowledge that you have them, but still run at them. You can overcome your fears, you just need to gather the courage.

What is fear even good for?

courage to overcome fearNext to the fear and stress that society brings along with it, fear can also be a very good orientation point.

When you are standing in front of a major decision, choose the option that frightens you. It is in those moments, that fear can be your guiding compass.

In such situations, fear often points you towards the situations in which you will grow the most. Because most of those fears are because you do not want to risk your nice and comfortable life.

However, you need to think about it yourself. Would you rather live comfortably now, but not grow? Or, would you rather risk this comfortability and see what lessons life has in store for you? The choice is always yours.

In my experience, the decisions that were accompanied with fear about my own comfortability, were the best ones I have ever taken. In those moments, fear, and overcoming it, will lead you to heights you have never seen before.

Therefore I say to you, in the face of fear, show love and compassion. Don’t run away from it, be courageous, face it. You will be surprised by your own ability to overcome your fears.