no rush

No rush for a Golden Life

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Why would you spend all your life long trying to live in another moment than the current moment. Life happens now! There is no time to worry about anything else than what happens in the current moment. No need to rush things or always trying to move to somewhere else then here. It is just not worth it. Why are …

let your dream be stronger than your fears

How to overcome fear? Alternative way

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You have probably heard that humans are mainly driven by fear. In the early days of our existence, it was a very powerful, and necessary, tool to keep us alive. Fear is incredibly powerful, it forces us to go into that primal “fight-or-flight” state. Fear is also very destructive. Yes, it has the power to make even the slowest of …

nothing changes in life

What to do if nothing changes in my life?

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You do you. To change your life is not that hard, really. It will take some time, sure, but hard, no. If you want to change your life, the only thing you need to do is have the intention, true intention, to become more yourself, every day I am not talking about a desire to change, or anything like that. …


How to deal with anxiety towards a person?

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If you feel like you are being held in the iron fist of anxiety, don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of people have dealt, and are still dealing, with anxiety. In my case it was anxiety towards a person. A manipulator, to be precise. How do you handle a manipulator, for example? Or a person that gives you …

live in the moment

How to live in the moment?

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A skill that becomes more important each and every day “Why is it so important to live in the moment?” That was the one question I was asking myself, when I saw another one of those super fancy quotes, somewhere on the internet. I believe it was from some spiritual teacher. Every spiritual teacher seems to stress the importance of …

writing inspiration

How to get writing inspiration?

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What to do when you have no writing inspiration, and all you feel is resistance towards sitting down and putting words on the paper? You probably also know it very well, that immense power of resistance you feel when you only start thinking about writing something down. No creative inspiration seems to be present, especially in regards to writing. Trust …

Unconditional love

How the power of unconditional love is changing the world

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Everyone knows something about love, but does everyone know anything about unconditional love? Probably almost every person has had a taste of unconditional love, because, well, let’s be honest, it is unconditional. It comes in all shapes and forms, but there is one main the me, there are absolutely no strings attached. This unconditional love is given without asking and, more …

rock in the storm

A rock in the Storm

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A terrible outcry of horror pierced the night. A shriek that sang of a loneliness so vast even the bravest of men would get lost in it. Slowly but surely the piercing sound started to turn into wailing, that wailing turned into crying. The crying of a small infant, too weak to be able to survive on its own, deprived …